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table of contents | october 2002

interviews and features

Simply Magical: The Music of Damon and Naomi (an interview) by dave heaton

Pop Songs You'll Never Forget: An Interview With the Lucksmiths' Marty Donald by dave heaton

Waltzing the Outlaw: Interview With Peter Carey by anna battista

Lion of the Scandal, Lion of the Courage: Venice Film Festival awards Peter Mullan's The Magdalene Sisters by anna battista

Total Assault on (Fascist) Culture: an afternoon with Fernanda Pivano and Dan Fante by anna battista

Teaching Your Children to Rock: ballboy's Gordon McIntyre Interviewed by dave heaton

A Year Without Carlo: Haidi and Giuliano Giuliani speak by anna battista

about film

Home Movie review by erin hucke

Movie Reviews: Full Frontal, Halloween: Resurrection, Men In Black II, One Hour Photo, Simone, Undisputed by jerry salisbury

Movie Reviews: In Praise of Love, Spirited Away, Spy Kids 2 by dave heaton

Commitments, Single Parenthood and Killing Me Softly (on About a Boy) by joseph palis

about music

Come On Rise Up!: One Night in St. Louis with the E-Street Band reviewed by dan heaton

Goran Bregovic and the Wedding & Funerals Band - Live @ the Arena Gaslini, Pescara, Italy, 8th August 2002 reviewed by anna battista

Namelessnumberheadman, When We Leave We Will Know Where We've Been reviewed by dave heaton

TonyDoug's CD Reviews: Cheating Kay, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Shut-IN by tonydoug wright

Orange Cake Mix, Infinite Beauty and Warm Velvet Static review by dave heaton

Dashboard Confessional screams our infidelities review by matthew webber

He Is Just Twenty-Three: Reader Rejects Avril's Antics by matthew webber

The 1980s Revival (Popaganda 1, Carol Masters, Gerty) reviewed by dave heaton

The Eminem Essay by matthew webber

20 Reviews of Music: 1905, Aroah, Devendra Banhart, The Beatifics, The Bitter Little Cider Apples, Blurred Images, Brando, Brideshead, The Caribbean, The Creeping Bent Organisation - Nouvelle Vague, DJ Ordeal, Duke Fame, Elevator Division, Emak Bakia, Essential Underground Hip Hop, Ether, Free Loan Investments, Frock, The Girl With the Replaceable Head, The Green Pajamas by dave heaton, anna battista, ryan mckee

20 More Reviews of Music: The Guild League, John Guilak and the Lougan Brothers, Harper Lee, Jack Hayter, Hellfire Sermons, Irving, Landing, Landspeedrecord!, Light the Fuse and Run, The Linger Effect, Little Darla Has a Treat For You Vol. 19, Magwheels, Carolyn Mark and the Room-mates, The Matinee Summer Splash, Dale Morningstar, Greg Murray, Narrowcasting, Operation Makeout, Peaches, Percee P the Rhyme Inspector by dave heaton, ryan mckee

16 More Reviews of Music: Primitive Painter/Publy, Public Enemy, Rilo Kiley, River, Sectorseven, Single Wish, Soul Position, Souvenir, Tobin Sprout, Rob Swift, Mark Tranmer, Transelement, The Trouble Dolls, Meri Von KleinSmid, Xiu Xiu, The Zephyrs by dave heaton, anna battista

about other things

Book Reviews [Sam Bain, Stewart Home, Alan Warner, Irvine Welsh] by anna battista

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