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Is It Really a Great Movie?

by dan heaton

Using Roger Ebert's Great Movies book as a guide, this series of articles will focus on all films included on his list that previously have escaped my notice. Since all lists are subjective, I am not treating Ebert's choices as the essential selection of films. However, his essays offer the perfect chance for me to explore both classics and lesser-known pictures from around the globe.

Part one: The Apartment
Part two: Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la bÍte)
Part three: Grand Illusion
Part four: McCabe and Mrs Miller and Nashville
Part five: Written on the Wind
Part six: Swing Time
Part seven: JFK
Part eight: The Seventh Seal
Part nine: Sweet Smell of Success
Part ten: Broken Blossoms
Part eleven: Gates of Heaven
Part twelve: My Life to Live
Part thirteen: The Passion of Joan of Arc
Part fourteen: Days of Heaven
Part fifteen: Detour
Part sixteen: Peeping Tom
Part seventeen: Floating Weeds
Part eighteen: The Big Sleep
Part nineteen: La Dolce Vita
Part twenty: Trouble in Paradise
Part twenty-one: The Bicycle Thief
Part twenty-two: Persona
Part twenty-three: Night of the Hunter
Part twenty-four: Mr. Hulot's Holiday
Part twenty-five: Woman in the Dunes
Part twenty-six: Belle du Jour
Part twenty-seven: Le Samourai
Part twenty-eight: Wings of Desire
Part twenty-nine: L'Aventura
Part thirty: Greed
Part thirty-one: Last Year at Marienbad
Part thirty-two: The Exterminating Angel
Part thirty-three: Pickpocket
Part thirty-four: A Woman Under the Influence
Part thirty-five: The Apu Trilogy
Part thirty-six: Ikiru
Part thirty-seven: Hoop Dreams

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